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Jenny Plunkett

Technical speaker, developer evangelist, and technical content creator. Currently a Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Edge Impulse. Previously a software engineer and IoT consultant for Arm Mbed and Pelion IoT. Graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 2018.




Edge Impulse, Amsterdam, NL

  • Master solution building using Edge Impulse
  • Support partners in their work porting Edge Impulse to new device targets or integrating with Edge Impulse data acquisition, data science, testing or target optimization interfaces
  • Assist developers and customers on defining data acquisition, ML development, testing and deployment strategies
  • Produce technical documentation, tutorials, blogs, videos and other content
  • Work with the Edge Impulse developer community, looking at how they use our software, and determining how EI can improve
  • Represent Edge Impulse in the wider TinyML community via webinars, workshops, and conferences


User success engineer

Edge Impulse, Austin, TX, USA


Applications engineer

Arm & Pelion IoT, Austin, TX, USA

  • Develop Mbed OS and Arm Pelion Cloud solutions targeting vertical markets such as clinical asset tracking, indoor lighting, & workplace environmental monitoring
  • Create a C++ websocket library and application for cross-platform communication with the Arm Pelion Cloud platform (ported to JavaScript, Android Java, & C#)
  • Consult with external third-party engineering teams on projects relating to the integration of devices with the Arm Pelion Device Management platform
  • Work directly with third-party engineers on-site to ensure successful product integration, collect further requirements, present weekly updates & product demos
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to enable the success of the Arm Pelion platform consulting projects (docs, UX, sales, marketing, etc.)


Internet of Things Intern

Arm, Austin, TX, USA


Project Management Intern

Arm, Austin, TX, USA

Education & Involvement

Bachelor of science in Electrical Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin, 2018

Meetup Committee Member, 2022-Present

Junior League of Austin

Provisional Member, 2020-2021

The Walt Disney Company

Disney College Program Intern, 2015

IEEE Computer Society @ UT Austin

President, 2015-2016

UT AUstin Longhorn Band

Piccoloist, 2013-2014

UT ServiceNow & IT Service Desk

Web Developer & Student Associate, 2014-2017

October 2021 — DSP Online Conference: Real Life Embedded ML + The AI-Powered Nose

November 2021 — IoT Central & Arduino PRO: Factory 4.0: ML-Powered Manufacturing Workshop

December 2021 — Adobe ColdFusion Summit: The Dawn of Machine Learning, AI and You

February 2022 — TinyML Talks: Advanced Anomaly Detection Made Easy

April 2022 — Danish Sound Cluster: Edge Impulse for Consumer Audio Applications

April 2022 — Embedded Vision Summit: Deep Dive Session Interview: Edge Impulse

June 2022 — Danish Sound Cluster: Keyword detection ESP32 Workshop

July 2022 — Ask Me Anything: Edge Impulse MLOps AMA

September 2022 — Kisaco Research Edge AI Summit: Developer Workshop: Real-Time Object Detection for Factory 4.0

October 2022 — IoT Central: Advanced Sensor Anomaly Detection

March 2023 — Edge AI + Vision Alliance: 2023 Deep Dive Session Interview: Edge Impulse

September 2023 — The Things Conference 2023: Rapidly Develop AI Models for Production-Grade IoT Edge Devices

November 2023 — NVIDIA TAO Toolkit: Fast Track AI to the Edge with NVIDIA TAO & Edge Impulse

Technical Writing

O'Reilly Media

Edge Impulse

Documentation — EON Tuner Guide

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Jenny Plunkett

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